Thursday, 18 June 2015 12:47

£1million for Macmillan as Clothes Aid spare garments from landfill

Doorstep donations to Clothes Aid have reached the £1m fundraising milestone for Macmillan Cancer Support, and also equate to 4 million garments being spared from landfill.

clothes aid Macmillan-InfographicSince 2013 the UK's forgotten fleeces, leftover leggings and surplus shorts have been collected from doorsteps by Clothes Aid. Every year an estimated £140million worth of unwanted clothing is thrown away in the UK.

By reaching a figure of over £1million worth of donations, Clothes Aid has helped Macmillan Cancer Support to ensure that no one faces cancer alone and provides help for people with cancer, plus their families, carers and communities. Macmillan also provides extra assistance, covering everything from medical care through to the practical, emotional and financial support that is offered on a daily basis.

The money raised by Clothes Aid will go a long way in supporting people with cancer; it could fund 19 Macmillan nurses for a year, or cover the costs of producing two million copies of The Cancer Guide, Macmillan's booklet for people diagnosed with cancer to understand what help, support and treatments are available.

Will Gogerty, Partnership Development Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support said: "We welcome people fundraising in a variety of ways, including marathon running and cake sales, but clothing donation also benefits the environment by keeping clothing out of landfill."

Michael Lomotey, Business Manager at Clothes Aid said: "It's incredible to think about a washing line stretching across Europe, full of the clothes that have been donated by the public!"


- It costs £27 to fund a Macmillan nurse for an hour, meaning £1million could pay for 19 Macmillan nurses for a year, the equivalent of 37,038 nursing hours.

- The clothing collected for Macmillan equates to over 200,000 of 'Bags of Support'.

- If these four million garments were hung on a washing line, it would stretch all the way from Rugby to Rome and back again - a total of 1,941 miles or 3,124km.

- Every year, over £140million worth of unwanted clothing is sent to landfill in the UK. Clothes Aid point out this is clothing that could easily be re-used, recycled or donated.

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