• GlasPort Bio Ltd - overall Rushlight Award winners, reduce gas & add value to manure Awards & Standards
    GlasPort Bio Ltd - overall Rushlight Award winners, reduce gas & add value to manure

    Animal manure has long been recognised as a valuable fertiliser and a source of renewable energy. It is also a major source of pollution, with emissions from stored manure accounting for approximately 15% of all agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and more than 70% of all ammonia emissions in Europe.

  • Ion Science - new protection against VOCs Health & safety
    Ion Science - new protection against VOCs

    Offering a new level of enhanced, reliable protection against VOCs with the first 11.7 Cub personal solution from ION Science.

    In a 2018 report from the UN, it was revealed that a worker dies every 30 seconds due to exposure to toxic gases in the workplace. That such statistics still exist today is one of the reasons ION Science is working hard to create protective technologies for workers against VOC exposure. The new 11.7 eV Cub personal solution is the first of its kind and promises to be a game-changer for protection against exposure.

    ion science VOC sensorThe Cub 11.7 eV personal device is the latest addition to ION Science's world-leadingrange of gas and leak detection products. Using their 30 years of industry experienceand their extensive knowledge of both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) andphotoionisation detection (PID), ION Science continue to deliver excellence in protection for workers.

    The 11.7 eV sensor lamp is a notoriously difficult lamp to manufacture. Due to its highly sensitive nature, 11.7 eV devices in the past have been temperamental, require frequent lamp changes and ultimately end up with increased environmental exposure, affecting performance of the device.

    ION Science has tackled this issue and developed a refined manufacturing method that eliminates some of the sensitivities and issues previously associated with 11.7 eV detection.

    As the first 11.7 personal detection solution from ION Science, the Cub 11.7 offers all the features a customer would expect from the market leader.

    This includes resistance to humidity and moisture, operational in temperatures from 0-55 degrees, and intrinsically safe even in explosive environments. Its lightweight design at only 111g makes it comfortable for wearers and the small size doesn't impede movement or work.

    Unrivalled Gas Detection.

  • CORE (UK) Ltd - Supply chain pioneers win Queens Award Awards & Standards
    CORE (UK) Ltd - Supply chain pioneers win Queens Award

    Supply chain pioneers, CORE (UK) Ltd, win The Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade

    CORE (UK) Ltd, leaders in digital supply chain management software have been awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade for outstanding growth and commercial success in international trade.

  • Enviva - Sustainable Benefits of the Wood Pellet Industry Energy & Resource Management
    Enviva - Sustainable Benefits of the Wood Pellet Industry

    Sustainable Benefits of the Wood Pellet Industry - by Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, Chief Sustainability Officer at Enviva

    Healthy, growing forests remain one of the most critical tools in the fight to mitigate climate change, and sustainable forest management is part of every plan outlined by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the "IPCC") to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021 13:13

Barriers for endangered eel set to be removed in England's Wessex region

The prospects for the endangered European eel in England's Wessex region counties have been given a boost as man-made barriers are set to be removed or redesigned to allow their crucial migrations.

Civil engineering firm Land & Water, who for decades have specialised in work on the interface between water and land, has won a design and build contract with the Environment Agency in the South West, to design, manufacture and install bespoke eel passes in the Wessex region on the following watercourses: · River Frome, South Gloucestershire · Land Yeo, North Somerset · Congresbury Yeo, North Somerset · Uphill Great Rhyne, North Somerset · Chedzoy New Cut, Somerset · Middle Moor Rhyne, Somerset; and the River Brit, Dorset.

European eels are a critically endangered, and consequently a legally protected, species that are at risk of disappearing from our rivers forever if urgent action is not taken to alleviate the threats they encounter during their upstream and downstream migrations.

Eel pass exampleEach autumn, adult eels migrate downstream and out of our rivers to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to breed for a single time, then die. The spawned larvae then drift back across the Atlantic, reaching our waters 1 – 3 years later, to start their migration up our rivers to feed and grow. Common threats encountered during these migrations include man-made river obstructions such as weirs, dams, river pumps and turbines.

With design works already in process, and installations likely to take place on site from the beginning of March, the project aims to provide safe upstream passage for eels over numerous water control structures around Wessex. The works also require the need to design and install safe means of access to allow for future maintenance.

Minimal large plant will be required as works are intricate. Each element is being designed, where possible, to allow for single or two-man lifts. Specialist underwater equipment will be used to aid the installation, reducing the need to install cofferdams at certain locations, therefore minimising the risk that this could impose from an environmental and health and safety point of view.

Land & Water's Site Manager, Matt Bush, said: "We are currently in the design stage of this project, working with a specialist contractor, but are looking forward to manufacturing and installing the eel passes which will future proof these structures for eel migration and help protect the declining eel population.

"Most of the sites we will be working across in the South West are quite different and require bespoke solutions, which each coming with its own set of challenges. One common challenge comes from the unpredictable river levels and so managing this proactively and safely is key to delivering this project on time and within budget.

"We are looking forward to getting stuck in to this project."

Land & Water has held Minor Works Frameworks contracts with the Environment Agency since 2003 and describes itself as being the go-to contractor for projects which look to add value to the areas in which it takes place.