Wednesday, 28 April 2021 10:34

Recycling grabber at Liverpool's Alexandra Docks paves way for renewables

Metal recycler, EMR claims its new electrically-enabled material handler at Liverpool's Alexandra Docks will pave the way for the site to fully transition to renewable power before 2030.

EMR liverpool docks 1The material handler's technology means it delivers an up-to-55 percent increase in energy efficiency. This comes partly from energy recovery on the down movement of the grab and partly from its higher loading rates.

Weighing around 400 tonnes, the Sennebogen 895e Hybrid dwarfs its predecessor (weighing around 230 tonnes). It can carry up to 15 tonnes of bulk scrap with a single grab.

The material handler uses electric drive motors, linked to a diesel generator. In future, once the Liverpool site can be cabled with a permanent power supply to the quaysides, the material handler can switch to renewable power and operate without the use of fossil fuels.

EMR already operates three Sennebogen 880 hybrid material handlers, weighing 280 tonnes each, at Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The £2.3 million investment at Liverpool is part of EMR's sustainability strategy, 'Our Decade of Action', which will see all of EMR's sites, globally, become operationally net-zero (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030. The 38-acre, Liverpool Alexandra Docks site will see further investment during 2021 as it transitions towards a sustainable future.

The material handler was designed and manufactured by German firm Sennebogen and its installation was completed by engineers this year after a period of delay due to the UK's COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

EMR liverpool docks 2sThe EMR team will now spend the next few months conducting performance analysis as well as time and motion studies of the new material handler before a potential worldwide rollout across EMR's biggest capacity sites in the UK, EU and US markets.

Scott Bamborough, Area General Manager said: "Liverpool Alexandra Docks is one of EMR's flagship UK sites and I am incredibly proud that we are the first site to trial this new innovative and sustainable technology.

"As EMR looks to achieve net-zero by 2030 as part of 'Our Decade of Action' strategy, this investment will help our site transition to using 100 percent green energy over its lifespan.

"The hard work now begins as we understand how this new crane will operate in practice and our team evaluates how its hybrid capabilities and energy efficiency can help reduce the cost-per-tonne handled for scrap in our yard.”