• Bradshaw battery operated tow tractor Transport
    Bradshaw battery operated tow tractor

    Bradshaw releases third generation T800 8-tonne battery operated tow tractor

    The four-wheel, 8-tonne tow tractor on the market, the T800 has been a popular model for more than 25 years. It is used for baggage towing in airports, line feed in manufacturing, waste movement, bin towing, and many other applications.

  • Panasonic - heating & cooling solutions Air Quality
    Panasonic - heating & cooling solutions

    Science & Technology Key for Better Indoor Air Quality

    To keep our minds sharp and our bodies healthy, we need to breathe in approximately 18kg of air a day. This is a lot of air, especially when you consider that we eat just 1.3kg of food and drink 1.4kg of water per day. A large proportion of this air is consumed within buildings that we live, work and sleep in, in fact, a report from the European Commission indicates that Europeans now spend up to 90% of their time inside.

  • Lord Redesdale answers frequent questions about EMEX Energy & Resource Management
    Lord Redesdale answers frequent questions about EMEX

    Lord Redesdale, EMEX Conference Chair, says: "We have so much to discuss and achieve to drive forward energy efficiency and Net Zero," and has put together answers to the main questions raised about the well established EMEX exhibition and conference, which for 2021 takes place next Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 at ExCeL in London's docklands. 

  • Holding Mayor to account on floods - London Assembly Member & Councillor to speak at Floodex Water
    Holding Mayor to account on floods - London Assembly Member & Councillor to speak at Floodex

    Hina Bokhari, London Assembly Member & Merton Councillor to speak at Floodex 2021

    Newly elected London Assembly member Hina Bokhari will be joining Floodex to talk about her work holding the Mayor of London to account on flooding. In her work at City Hall, she's Deputy Chair of the Economy Committee, and sits as a member of the Environment Committee and the Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning Committee.

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Thursday, 20 January 2022 11:11

Artistic wind power collaboration leads to sustainable material innovation

During the process of electic car maker Polestar and awareness artist Thijs Biersteker presenting their interactive installation "We Harvest Wind", the collaboration ended up leading to more than just innovative art. 

2022 Woven Image 7 16x9 1In the midst of the project's creation a new fully biodegradable corn-based adhesive was developed, which has shown the potential to become a future component in Polestar cars. The art installation was inspired by Polestar's environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report, and aimed to bring attention to the importance of renewable energy.

The We Harvest Wind sculpture is three metres in diameter, featuring a collection of blades that spin around a central spiral. Visitors can control the 'wind planet' themselves controlling large fans, making them aware that the power to make real change is in their own hands. When creating the piece, Biersteker's Woven Studio and Polestar's UK-based R&D team worked hand-in-hand on the research and development.

In selecting a material for the blades, the team initially explored the use of Bcomp powerRibs™ together with a natural fibre and polypropylene (NFPP) board – the same flax based composite material featured extensively on the Polestar Precept concept car.

However, the majority of natural fibre based products use fossil fuel based polypropylene resin, and this was something the artist together with Polestar's R&D team wanted to challenge during the collaboration. A series of more sustainable, biodegradable resins were explored.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 11.15.54"When you're creating artwork that talks about environmental impact, you have to create something that doesn't impact the world too much itself," says Thijs Biersteker, artist and founder of Woven Studio.

"The We Harvest Wind collaboration enabled Woven Studio and Polestar to join forces and explore new combinations of materials using bio-based polymers instead of traditional fossil fuel-based materials. This collaboration has kick-started several initiatives within the team at Polestar and cemented some ongoing studies we have with Bcomp. Now we are hoping to implement a fully bio-based solution, with powerRibs™ and bio-sourced polypropylene, in the future production of Polestar cars," says Ross Kelk, Chief Engineer of Interiors at Polestar UK R&D.

Thijs Biersteker continues: "We made the blades in the sculpture from 3D printed recycled PET plastic, and the outer wings were made with the flax-based structure and a new eco-friendly and corn-based resin – a combination of materials which was developed during the project by Woven Studio and Polestar. We developed a composite between the flax and polylactic acid (PLA), which is basically a biopolymer that is biodegradable and made of corn. The combination of these two materials created a really organic feel to the

The installation was monitored and documented through a materials passport, tracking the methods and materials used, for future recycling. Polestar is taking concrete action to achieve a climate-neutral future, through embracing transparency in carbon footprint reporting, supply chain ethics and materials traceability.