The North Portsea Coastal Scheme's fourth phase is underway and involves a bespoke concrete solution developed by Aggregate Industries, and undertaken by Mackley Civil Engineering, featuring an 'ecoformliner' texture which will help to nurture a marine life ecosystem in the wall's holes and grooves.

Newly-built wetlands next to Somerset's Durleigh Reservoir are slashing pollution and achieving biodiversity and water quality improvements as Wessex Water attempts to find nature-based solutions to tackle environmental challenges.

The driving force behind unacceptable sewage spills, water leaks and lack of investment decisions lies with the independent non-executive directors who form the majority on the boards of all existing UK water companies, but fail to hold others to account, claims corporate governance expert and author Gerry Brown.

Cees Buisman, an esteemed professor of circular water technology and author, will state at a forthcoming global event that the growth of humanity depends on the growth of our consciousness, and will identify solving global trade inequalities as a means to solve freshwater shortages.

Leading industries could save 86 billion cubic metres of water and provide a quarter of the annual emissions cuts needed to meet the 1.5°C global temperature 2030 climate goal set out in the Paris Agreement, research from PA Consulting reveals.

Using a recycled carbon fibre mat, researchers from WMG, University of Warwick, have been able to produce hydrogen from wastewater for Severn Trent.

A glass ceiling is still "looming over" women working across the water industry and despite some progress, the sector is being held back by exclusion, Ofwat chief executive Rachel Fletcher told a British Water conference.

A natural "leaky dams" flood management scheme, which was only installed in Tudeley Woods near Tunbridge Wells, Southern England in January this year, has functioned effectively during extreme weather conditions in Kent caused by Storms Ciara and Dennis which swept across the UK in February, according to the South East Rivers Trust (SERT). In partnership with local landowner The Hadlow Estate, the scheme has been introduced to protect properties in Five Oak Green, downstream of the Alder Stream catchment, from future flooding.

A vulnerable Cheshire stream polluted with toxic metals carried in runoff from the M56 motorway is the first to be protected by an innovative sustainable drainage material that could now be used to clean up hundreds of similar outfalls across the UK.

Best known for its work excavating the famous London Whitechapel fatberg, drainage firm Lanes Group plc has teamed up with a charity to help to raise funds and spread awareness of the correct way to dispose of sanitary products, an issue that's creating a huge problem in the nation's sewer system and waterways.

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