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Monday, 28 February 2022 10:49

BMW collaboration results in fast electric vehicle charging on 100% renewable energy

bmw ev chargingBMW and Energy Web have made a successful demonstration of a renewable energy-only electric vehicle (EV) charging solution for on-street chargers - it will allow drivers to see exactly where the energy they charged with came from, and be assured that it's green.

This has the potential to enable entire EV company fleets in the future to report their energy usage with absolute assurance that they have used renewable energy, even from on-street chargers, a substantial progression in corporate reporting.

The application will also enable drivers to do fast supplier switching at the charging station, meaning that they can pick a tariff and energy provider of their choice – leading to better outcomes for consumers.

The successful demonstration builds on BMW and Energy Web's work with Elia Group, the Belgian and German Transmission Service Operator (TSO), to build the E-Mobility Dashboard, an open platform designed to simplify the process of data exchange between EV owners and participants of the energy operators. The solution can be rolled out with different geographies and different providers, and isn't at all limited to just Elia and BMW.

Watch the video below to find out more: