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Monday, 04 July 2022 10:45

Make My Money Matter delivers truth about your pension and deforestation

Make My Money Matter, a campaign group founded by filmmaker and activist Richard Curtis, has launched a new film to expose the links between our pensions and deforestation. They employed a delivery stunt to highlight the lack of awareness among pension savers around where their money is being invested.

To demonstrate the hidden truth of our pensions, the group transported a supersized parcel – a 'Deforester 5000' - across London and delivered its contents to an unsuspecting pension holder to show them what their pension could really be funding. The film builds on recent research from Make My Money Matter which revealed that £2 for every £10 invested in our pensions is linked to deforestation, but their research complements new polling which shows that over 90% of savers can't confidently identify where their pensions are invested. Make My Money Matter have used film to launch a new petition calling on all pension providers to cut deforestation from their pensions.