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Friday, 14 August 2020 12:14

Save our Skydancers - Hen Harrier Day aims to stop the persecution

hen harrier daySince 2018 and up to date this month, 43 critically rare hen harriers have been confirmed killed or missing in the UK. Campaign group Wildjustice are calling on the UK Government to take urgent action now to protect the wildlife and habitats of our uplands, for nature and for people.

Hen Harrier Days celebrate one of the UK’s most beautiful, charismatic – and now rare – birds. They are also an occasion to raise voices against the main reason for that rarity – illegal persecution. They are a symbol also for wider problems in our uplands.

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Hen Harrier Day has this year become a virtual event. Take a look at the youtube video recording of the day below, presented by TV nature personalities Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin. It has lots about the hen harrier and its conservation, and also includes new film of the birds, song, science, poetry, art, cartoons, children's stories and poems, young naturalists' videos and much more.