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Thursday, 22 April 2021 11:06

Willing to sacrifice his life for a river

The video Voice of a River shows how one person’s actions can make lasting positive change. To mark Earth Day today, My Green Pod have joined forces with Citrix to create a short film that documents the life of activist Mark Dubois. In 1979, Mark chained himself to a rock behind New Melones Dam in the USA’s Stanislaus River Canyon and threw away the key. This was no empty gesture: if the Army Corps of Engineers continued to fill the reservoir, Mark would drown.

Mark Dubois lost his battle to save his beloved local river, but his actions resulted in many other rivers being saved from being dammed both in the USA and across the world. 

Anyone who shares this video with three friends on either Facebook, Instagram & Twitter will be entered into a prize draw; the winner will have 500 trees planted in their name and a certificate to prove it! The winner will be announced on 29 April.  A special Earth Day issue of My Green Pod Magazine will be distributed with the Guardian on 22 April. It will also be available free of charge on the My Green Pod website here:   www.mygreenpod.com/magazine