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Thursday, 03 June 2021 08:33

Green off-grid washing machine frees up time for girls education

Divya washing machine being trialled in refugee camp copyThe Washing Machine Project was set up in 2018 by British engineer Nav Sawhney following a sabbatical in South India, where he witnessed women and children enduring many backbreaking hours washing clothes by hand. He discovered that 70% of the world's population do not have access to an electric washing machine and for many washing clothes in rivers, lakes and buckets is the only solution.

Handwashing clothes is recognised as being a major barrier to education for low-income and displaced people around the world. This repetitive, demanding task, which can take upwards of 20 hours per week, often also leads to chronic back and joint pain.

This experience led Nav to develop a prototype for an affordable off-grid manual crank washing machine, the Divya requiring no electricity. Using it reduces the time spent handwashing clothes by 75% and requires 50% less water. It can handle loads up to 5 kg, despite weighing just 12 kg.

Electrocomponents plc has chosen The Washing Machine Project Foundation as its first global charity partner, pledging to support the project for three years.

You can support The Washing Machine Project by making a donation at https://electrocomponents.blackbaud-sites.com