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Condorchem Envitech

Experts in Wastewater & Air Treatment for 25 years in the Automotive Industry

From the automotive manufacturing industry there are two main areas of environmental impact:

1) Waste water and liquid waste from a number of processes resulting in oily emulsions, effluents contaminated with metals, cleaning substances, acid pickling and phosphate used baths as well as rinsing water, demoulding and hydraulic fluids among others.

2) Air emissions in the form of VOCs and VICs.

Condorchem EnvitechCondorchem Envitech provides treatment solutions to avoid this environmental impact.

There are various available technologies for treatment within this area. Condorchem Envitech have experience in supplying treatment plants utilizing the following technology options:

Vacuum Evaporation plants ENVIDEST® MVR, MFE, Heat Pump.

Crystallization plants DESALT®

Fixed bed Biological reactors BIOCARB®

Thermal Oxidisers

Activated Carbon Filters for air and water

Reverse Osmosis

Membrane Separation

Demineralization plants

In the majority of projects that Condorchem have completed in the industry, the most utilized technologies are Vacuum Evaporation and Crystallization systems.

In the majority of projects, the objective is to concentrate the volume of waste, lower external disposal costs and ensure that there is no detrimental environmental impact. In a number of projects there has also been the opportunity to employ a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system; within which the volume is concentrated but as well as this, within the effluent there is a material that can be recovered and reused in the process or sold to introduce a profit stream.

Condorchem Envitech logoSo in addition to removing environmental impact, and saving money on a process of external disposal (which otherwise comes at a significant cost) a ZLD system can introduce a profit stream, providing a very attractive return of investment in a number of projects.

As well as the option of utilizing a material for possible commercial gain, there may also be an option to instead reuse the material in the manufacturing process. One good example for this in the automotive industry could be in auxiliary part manufacturing where salt baths are used for setting different components. This effluent can be treated in a crystallization system, which enables reuse of the salts in the original system and clean distilled water which is also reused in the process. Resource recovery like this is one of the speciality areas of knowledge and experience of Condorchem.

Condorchem has worked on projects in the automotive industry in Europe, Latin America and North America and have worked with companies such as Suzuki, Mercedes Benz, GKN, ZF, Mahle, Sumitomo, Borgwarner and DANA.  

The key within these projects is in the design, and the service that is offered by Condorchem is always in providing a design that is specified completely to the requirements of the application. Every project is different, always utilizing the best available technologies and ensuring the most efficient working design, the protection of our environment and a financially beneficial process to our clients.

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If you have any questions or comments, or you would like some advice on an application in which you have waste water or air to treat, you can contact our Business Development Manager Lisa Caswell directly:

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+44 (203) 4992657