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Leachate Solutions

Leachate Solutions Calls Time on Traditional Aerated Methane Stripping Plants

Leachate Solutions is an Engineering Solutions & Consultancy company, working within the Water & Waste Water industry.

leachate main webWe specialise in Leachate treatment and would like to introduce into the market our airless stripping process / system that is a more up to date alternative process for removal of Dissolved Methane from water & landfill leachate.

We have Designed & developed this over a period of 8 years using alternative technologies to provide a modern alternative and an end to the 24/7 aeration system. It is compact, efficient and very user friendly in its operation.

Our systems are already in use on multiple sites across the Northwest of England.

Older air stripped systems are now nearing the end of their useful life and are becoming expensive to maintain and are increasingly more difficult to keep compliant. They are over large, costly to operate and require a high level of maintenance.

Out with The Old and In with The New Leading-Edge Technology
This new system from Leachate Solutions has a number of advantages over the old aerated systems: It is cost effective, with reductions in : - * Maintenance costs, Maintenance downtime and Whole-of-life costs. Reduced sludge production and calcification. * It is highly efficient, with built in back-ups that ensure these systems remain operational. * The system is fully automated.

leachate bottom right webAnother advantage is greener engineering, including low energy requirements since the system has an efficient design and a small carbon footprint. It operates on demand, and incorporates failover systems that reduce any possible negative environmental impact. It has a small physical footprint (down to 3m x 1m), and it can be integrated with existing plant and equipment. Our smallest unit has a throughput of 300L per minute. It is built with 316 stainless steel and minimal use of plastic components. We offer a 50 year guarantee on all fabricated stainless steel parts of the system.

A five year warranty is available on the whole system, if the maintenance package is purchased with the unit. True flexibility is also offered, since the systems are tailor-made to site requirements, and available as a self-contained unit for permanent installation or as a mobile unit, with scalability to meet a variety of needs. In addition to our stripping system, we provide a broad range of services within the sector to help solve problems / issues and design satisfactory systems / outcomes for our clients.

We offer technical intervention with problematic sites or site processes,
· Full maintenance packages,
· Pump supply, installation service and repair,
· Onsite instrument calibration,
· Level control systems, design & installation,
· Smart monitoring systems that can provide a good system overview and advanced warning of potential issues
· Non-invasive flow metering solutions, with particular emphasis on partially filled pipework and effluent outlets.

The above services can be stand alone or integrated into new or existing systems.

For further Information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.