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Atlas Copco Compressors

Atlas Copco offers versatile air blower technologies for clean water and wastewater treatment

Atlas Copco provides a full scope of air blower technologies for the UK water and wastewater sector. All our blowers provide guaranteed oil-free air, reliably and for years on end. They are designed to enable water and wastewater companies to reduce energy costs and lower their total cost of ownership.

atlas copco web feb 2021Equipment for this sector includes the ZS range of oil-free rotary screw blowers, with variable speed drive (VSD+), saving up to 30% on energy costs.

The simplicity and proven design of our ZL oil-free lobe blowers make them the perfect match for installations in harsh water treatment environments.

The ZB range of oil-free centrifugal blowers has a frictionless drive design and delivers constant air flow, optimum air volume and energy savings to your process.

Completing Atlas Copco's offering is a skid package comprising a rotary screw compressor together with a desiccant dryer. The unit is designed to provide dry air for instrumentation and is ideal for both wastewater and clean water treatment applications.

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